50 Monster Legends Tips and Tricks – LEARN EVERYTHING!

It’s that time, 50 tips and tricks for Monster Legends. Here’s a bunch of ways to become a better Monster Legends player. If you found it useful, SMASH that LIKE …


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Written by KR


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  1. Does anyone have a spot open on their team for a new player? I'm active ALL day pretty much everyday and Im wanting to learn as much as I can. Been playing probably 5 or 6 days. I have 4 Legendaries I'm collecting gold to build habitats for. Hit me up here on in ML..character name is Karnage

  2. LOL there is barely any work put into the idea or content of this video. Mostle commne sence. OH! let me corect myslef prety much all of it is common sence.

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