NIVIDIA’s RTX 3080 Rumored To Already Getting Spec Upgrade?

NIVIDIA’s RTX 3080 Getting Spec Upgrade? Might Ship With GA 102-200 And 4352 CUDA Cores …


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  1. The last time Nvidia was scared of AMD we got the 1080ti. If we get a repeat of that again I'll be so happy providing the pricing is as sensible as the 1080ti was.

  2. They are terrified of big Navi. They only know 1 thing. Graphics card. If they loose this fight. They have nothing else. AMD has consoles on Deck. CPU and GPU on P.C. and a contact with SAMSUNG on CPU and GPU in their cell phones next year. So they are coming out with the best graphics cards even if it means 300 plus watt TDP.

  3. So from what I have seen the 3080 has 4352 CUDA cores also leaks show a 2.5ghz boost clock. So from math alone 4352 x 2.5 x 2 = 21,760 GFlops or 21.76 TF of ampere power. So that mean the 3080ti will have 26TF of ampere power. This is compared to Turing RTX 2080ti 14.23TF GPU.

  4. most likely the "3080" die will have more flex room then the TU104 did have to avoid the 2080 super disasters and we could is more SM between the un Ti version cards in the 30 series and this time they could hold back Ti cards

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