Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & 20 Plus LEAKS – 7 Big Upgrades! | The Tech Chap

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Plus (AKA Note 20 Ultra) are expected to launch around August 5th at Samsung Unpacked – but will the 2020 Note 20 …


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  1. Cool! Will it have 1TB internal storage? 'Cause l wanna transfer my 6,000 songs to it, from my S10+ phone, then and add another 6,000 songs to it, over the next two years or so.

  2. This note 20 series look like a note 10 plus just with a bigger Camera don't really that much different I'm skipping this year Next year will be better Not getting this phone this year I hate companies use the same model 2 times in a row

  3. Anyone else having an issue with the reflective coating on the back of the aura glow note 10? cause mine legit has a film from the plastic that came on the phone a perfect outline…. legit can not get it off. Really hope Samsung fixes this for there next reflective phone . Googled it not one person had the issue. Can't wait for the note 20. still mad about my note 10 though.

  4. I think the prices are getting really outrageous and I never minded spending 1000 even though it was a lot US dollars but when you look at the LG V60 two screens 5G headphone jack DAC and I’ve been a note fan for a very long time like many others and now I’m like this is getting crazy and then watch I’ll probably buy it anyway who knows and I’m glad you’re doing well Tech Chap

  5. It seems to me that Samsung is becoming it’s own competition with the galaxy fold and then the other smaller folding phone and then you have the Samsung series the regular one and the note series it’s getting really crowded and awfully expensive

  6. "Samsung is pushing phones once a year unlike other companies who do it twice a year."
    Not true! Note 20 is just a stylus-upgraded S20 and S30 is for whatever reason gonna be better than Note20…

  7. Good video.. On the rumours of the chip, Samsung announced that 5nm chip production won't begin until "some time in August". The Note20 will already be in production, the 992 will NOT be 5nm. Secondly it doesn't matter if the Note20 is close to S20, what's important is the difference between it and Note10. Note buyers have generally no interest in the S series and vice versa. People should stop comparing S and Note, it's irrelevant.

  8. Samsung need to do something.. their tech is great but i miss the futuristic novel stuff. I don't feel like im living in the future like i used to with Samsung. Just a little extra flashier somehow.. competent but a little otherworldly like the Gear S curved screen smartphone.. that was a slightly weird really futuristic piece of tech

  9. Nothing I've heard so far makes me want to get a Note 20. They've got to blow me out of the water with new S-pen functionality to even have a chance of getting my money this fall. Unremarkable so far. I Love my note 9, but I think this will be the year I finally switch to iPhone. Can't buy OnePlus 8 Pro thru a carrier, so that's out. Nothing else looks extraordinary. The iPhone 12 models will at least have phenomenal cameras with 5 years of support for my money. Plus, there's a 5.4" model coming, although not Pro & allegedly with a screen from either LG or BOE. Samsung might rope me in just for the display quality & the fact that Verizon has them. Fortunately we get Snapdragon in the US or I would never even consider Samsung.

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